PRP Trigger Upgrade Kit for Hellcat Models

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This is our PRP® Trigger Kit for the Hellcat® models. It includes our sear, disconnector, striker safety, 2 different sear springs, a disconnector spring, and a striker safety spring. This combination helps to smooth and lighten the trigger pull. Not compatible with CA compliant model options. See part number PRP-HV1-TK2-CA for this option.

The kit also offers your choice of one PRP® Hybrid Trigger Shoe (HTS™) upgrade options featuring an ergonomic blend of flat and curved faced trigger. Our PRP® HTS™ trigger is made from 6061 T6 Aluminum that is precision machined and hard anodized. It re-positions the reach of the trigger slightly to the rear for a more comfortable feel and positive interaction with the trigger safety.

The sear and disconnector are CNC machined out of 440C stainless steel and heat treated to 53-56 RC. The striker safety is machined from 416 stainless steel that is also properly heat treated. The result is a smooth trigger pull from about 3.5 – 4.5 pounds depending on which spring combination you install.


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the state of CA to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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    From brick to rolling thunder

    Posted by Jon on 27th May 2024

    I've had walthers, Glocks, cz, and caniks most of my life, so I know a good, factory, striker fired pistol trigger when I have one. But I also know when the stock trigger is hotdog water like Glock. My God... The hellcat pro trigger is literally the worst trigger, out of the box, I've ever had the unfortunate experience of shooting. I took it to the range and immediately regretted my purchase (of the hellcat), which was made wise because I was initially torn between the hellcat pro and the SIG 365x macro. I took it home with my poor shots in mind and found PRP. I installed the trigger shoe and the rolling break (blue spring) setup that's advertised at 3.5lbs. I dry fired it with a snap cap, after install, and my jaw dropped. I handed it to my wife who did the same and her jaw dropped. The difference is not just night and day. It's an entirely different universe. This trigger kept me from trading in my HC pro. I ordered the longer, threaded barrel and the comp from Springfield to essentially create a HC pro osp rdp. Stainless steel guide rod, enhanced recoil springs, stainless steel striker sleeve are on the way. It should be significantly more accurate after this build is complete. Way more expensive, yes... But after installing the PRP trigger kit, I decided to not let it go to waste and enhance everything I hated about the gun after the first few shots. My hat is off to PRP. I'm not letting anyone keep a stock hellcat trigger while PRP exists. If you're wondering about this trigger, stop. Put it in your cart. Click checkout. And stare at your local postman until he has your package. Don't touch your hellcat again until it's installed. No one deserves the stock hellcat trigger. No one. Thank you PRP. I love this gun now.

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    Great upgrade

    Posted by AJ hanson on 1st Apr 2024

    Great upgrade from stock trigger

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    Best Hellcat trigger upgrade kit

    Posted by Larry on 12th Mar 2024

    This is the best Hellcat trigger upgrade kit. What a difference!! I have used Powder River trigger kits before on my other Springfield pistols. PRP is the best!

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    Will solve your problems

    Posted by Craig Hebenstriet Jr on 28th Jan 2024

    If you’re a capable shooter just having a tough time with the hellcat’s recoil and Great Wall of trigger….. this puppy is your answer. Nice, smooth trigger. I went with the lowest weight rolling trigger configuration. And it made all the difference for me. From almost always hitting down and left, to nice groupings and hitting 18/20 shots on target from 70 feet. Anyone I know who has a hellcat, is being explicitly told to grab this trigger ASAP.

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    Very pleased

    Posted by Doug on 30th May 2023

    Back story, i traded a fairly new 43x for a fairly new Hellcat Pro based on the fact i could put an optic and light on it and still have a slim edc which was what i liked about the 43x. I was warned the Hellcat trigger wasn’t much to be desired but neither was the 43x trigger. I was surprised at how bad the Hellcat Pro trigger actually was when i got it. Worst in the industry imo. So upon searching for a solution i came across this option and thought “what have i got to loose?” Being my first handgun trigger swap it took me a while. The kit gives various options to achieve the most desirable pull so i swapped out parts a few times and landed on the best striker fired trigger pull i have ever owned. I absolutely love it now and definitely recommend this trigger kit to anyone who is dissatisfied with the stock Hellcat Pro trigger.

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    Hell Cat Pro trigger Kit

    Posted by Steven A Stevenson on 23rd May 2023

    This is a vast improvement to the stock trigger. My wheeler pull gage registered as high as 9 lb to a low of 4lb 11oz on factory trigger. varying greatly, mostly in the 6.5 to 7.5 range. Although there is a lot of travel to take up, it is a consistent 5lb +_ 3 oz smooth travel . I used the lightest build in the kit. After watching the hell cat video, I noted the comment was the pro would be slightly higher trigger weight. After the install, I was able to improve target score on my laser target system, less fliers. Less travel would be better for the range, but as a carry gun, this will work.

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    Nice trigger helps a lot

    Posted by jeffery Hoffman on 25th Apr 2023

    They are a nice trigger to help with the very heavy triggers the Hellcat came with. Still a little more travel then what I wanted but nice trigger wait. There Video helped greatly when doing the jobs at home

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    PRP trigger for Hellcat Pro

    Posted by RANDY L KEESLING on 25th Apr 2023

    First off I want to say I am a big fan of PRP and their products. I have purchased them and currently have the upgrades in my XDM and love it. Now for the Hellcat pro, the stock trigger is terrible even after polishing, putting lots of rounds down range etc. Trigger still was sub par, ordered the PRP trigger/springs for it and installed when arrived. Did polish all the parts before installing. Installed the blue sear spring as there were options in the kit for different spring rates. New striker safety and spring installed and disconnecter and spring along with the included slightly curved trigger. Pull tested with a Lyman gauge and it was pretty consistent around 4.14 lbs. even though the pull was lower with the kit the take up is about the same, reset may be slightly shorter but there is a definite striker fire rolling mush if that makes sense. My opinion for that packaged price I feel the trigger should have a set screw to adjust the take up and adjust the reset. I will probably purchase a trigger that has that feature and leave the springs, sear etc intact. My opinion only but I feel it is 100-125.00 dollar tops. As I’ve stated the Xdm triggers are spot on and well worth it. If the Hellcat Pro upgrade felt like the XDM it would be worth the price. Thanks

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    noticable, and large improvement

    Posted by Bradley Drenckhahn on 8th Feb 2023

    I received this trigger group aboot 2 weeks ago. Myself and 2 of my coworkers have combined put maybe 500rnds through my Hellcat Pro. And it's unanimous. This is an absolutely fantastic improvement. I installed with the 3.5lbs. optional settings sent with the kit, and am very much impressed with the lighter pull. I feel the original reset is better, but with a few hundred more rounds I suspect the peculiar feel will fix itself.