PRP 1911 Barrel Link Fixture

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This is PRP’s® fixture for fitting our patent pending 1911 Barrel Link Blanks. Each fixture includes 5 PRP® Barrel Link Blanks. This system solves the problems with fitting custom 1911 barrels and relying on available nominal size barrel links. Now you can perfectly fit a link to the specific dimensions needed for your Barrel, Slide, Frame, Slide Stop, etc.

Written Instructions:

  • Cut the barrel feet so that they contact evenly on the slide stop and have a snug fit with no binding.
  • Measure the bridge dimension – this is the distance between the flat on the barrel feet and the corresponding edge of the link pin hole. Record this dimension and use the following equation to determine the spacing from the link pin hole to the slide stop pin hole:
    • Link pin hole diameter = .156”
    • Slide stop pin hole diameter in the link = .204”
    • Using these dimensions, the equation to determine the distance from the link pin hole to the slide stop pin hole is as follows:
      • .078” (one half the link pin hole) + .102” (one half the slide stop pin hole) + the bridge dimension on the barrel feet = the required distance from the link pin hole to the slide stop pin hole
      • Example: .078” +.102+ a bridge dimension of .103” = .283″
  • Secure the link fixture in the mill vise use and center the spindle on the indexing pin. Zero the “X” and “Y” axis on your DRO.
  • Moving the “X” axis one inch should now place the spindle centered over the threaded link pin hole in the fixture.
  • Using the formula referenced above move the “X” axis the resultant distance and lock the mill table.
  • Use a 13/64” end mill to machine the initial hole and finish ream to .204”

Remove the link from the fixture and install it on the barrel.

Written Instructions Provided courtesy of Jason Burton – Heirloom Precision

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the state of CA to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.