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I'm a huge fan of PRP products! Keep on keeping on! an XD without PRP upgrades is like an iPhone without apps. Lol...thanks folks.


Wow, what an incredible product and company service! I ordered the grips for my XDM .45 on Sat. and received them on Wednesday. Without question, the most cost effective change you can do to your handgun by far! I shoot at least 300 rounds weekly and can tell you the change in control is incredible. I HIGHLY recommend this company and their products, and will soon be buying additional products!

Dr. Williams

I cannot believe the difference in trigger pull weight (3.4 - 4.0lb) but even more impressive are the travel and reset improvements. It is almost "1911 like".


Just wanted to let you all know that I received my Ultimate Match Target XDM Trigger Kit and installed it. WOW! What a difference. I was smiling huge! I haven't fired it yet but I am betting this will be the ultimate in XDm shooting. Thanks for a great, easy to install kit.


Wanted to say thanks.  I’ve purchased two Ultimate Match trigger kits and am very happy with the quality of your product.  They work as advertised and I enjoyed installing them. 
Thanks again,

Hey guys,

I just wanted to thank you for a truly superb product. I purchased the PRP Ultimate Match Trigger Kit a couple of weeks ago. I was a little nervous about the prospect that fitting could be necessary but that nervousness was completely unwarranted. Your instructions were concise and easy to follow. I also appreciated the YouTube instructions your channel. I found the installation straight forward and simple with only a safe edge file (on a Swiss Army knife of all things), a few sheets of sand paper and patience. The whole ordeal took less than a hour and a half and I must say, the results are at least as good as advertised. The trigger feel is crisp, light and rests very quickly. I loved my XD before but now it is my favorite weapon thanks to you guys. I work in high end private security and proudly showed my PRP equipped pistol off to my colleges. Needless to say, they were extremely impressed, if not jealous. We know weapons at my company, we even have our own range beneath our complex. When I let everyone shoot my XD with your trigger, they all wanted to know how they could make their duty weapons feel like mine. I'll point them your way and I'm sure I'll be back with my next project. Thanks again and Semper Fi,


I bought a Ultimate Match Trigger Kit from y'all and on Wednesday April 20th, I installed it. During this time I ran into a small problem at the end so I contacted Daniel at Technical support, he was awesome. Even though, the problem was my fault and stupidly simple, he was extremely professional and helpful. After talking to him I was able to completely install my kit, which is great, I am more than satisfied. Between y'alls amazing kits/products and your Professional Technical Support. Powder River Precision has a customer for life in me.

Thank You,


That man Daniel is a genius!
My order arrived today, very quick, thank you.
The trigger did the trick, it is resetting without any modification to the striker safety, and it shoots like a house a fire.
I can not say enough about your product, your company and you. I am so very pleased.
I just can’t believe what your product did for my two XD’s. They feel like an extension of my own body and the intuitive aim point is right on target, and the smooth trigger keeps it there through the shot.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Mayhill, NM

"Good afternoon,

I purchased a Powder River Precision Match Target Easy Fit trigger kit for my XD45 Tactical.  The results are nothing short of incredible!

The short reset and negligible trigger over-travel make for the finest trigger I've felt on a striker fired pistol!  It approaches that of a 1911 trigger.  I am very, very, happy with the results.

I found the installation straight forward, and the quality of the parts to be first rate.

I did have difficulty with getting the compound angle on the over-travel stop, and I'm sure that my trigger bar doesn't contact it on the filed surface, but rather at a point I would suspect.  If there is any way to have that compound angle molded, at least partially, on the top left rear corner of the stop so that there is a surface of the correct angle to go by when you start removing material, that would sure make the task easier.  I'm not sure if that is realistic, but it would sure help.

I am very pleased that I purchased your trigger kit.  I had agonized over the decision as to which of the available kits out there to purchase, and finally settled on yours over the Springer Precision kit.  I'm very glad that I did!

There's an XD9 Tactical in my future, and I'll be ordering another one of your Match Target Easy Fit triggers for that when it arrives!

Thank you for offering such an outstanding product at a fair price to the XD shooter!  The result is incredible!

Warmest regards,"


"I wanted to thank you for making such a great product. I had the new trigger job installed in minutes without any problems and finally had a chance to take the gun to the range today. The difference b/w stock and the new trigger is amazing. The trigger pull is notably crisper and shorter and I feel it has even helped with accuracy as well. I'm highly impressed and will be sure to pass on your products to the rest of my XD carrying buddies at the range.
Once again thank you for such a high quality amazing product!




I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the work and quick turn around time on my gun (less than 1 week). The barrel re-fit has made a noticeable difference in accuracy, group size has been cut in half. Thanks!

I attended a defensive pistol class recently conducted by Bill Jeans of Morrigan Consulting. Mr Jeans is a die hard 1911 guy but travels with a XD for fear that his beloved 1911 "Clarice" will be lost by the airlines. Mr Jeans fired my XD with your kit in it and stated: "This is the best trigger I have felt in any polymer gun yet, who did this? I have to get this in my gun." At the end of the course we all had the opportunity to shoot each others weapons to see what we liked/did not like. There was another XD in the group that had been worked on by the other XD shop in Oregon. The overwhelming consensus of everyone in the class (including the owner of the other XD) was that the trigger in my gun, the PRP kit, felt much better. My .45 Tactical ran without a hitch, not one single malfunction. Thanks again for your excellent service.



"Got my Xdm back today and took it out to the range. Even before that, just dry firing it, well it was like a completely different gun! At the range, I found my accuracy much improved. The job you did with the trigger is perfect and exactly what I was hoping for. The sights are also exactly what I wanted and are a big improvement over the stock sights. Excellent work all around and I love my Xdm even more now. I'm going back to the range tomorrow with my dad (he has a stock Xdm) to let him try it out. I know I made the right choice in custom shops, especially since I get to keep the take down safety feature and your turnaround time was lightning fast. Needless to say, I am very pleased with the job you did and just wanted to let you know.

Thanks again,"

  "Hello Daniel - I was finally able to get to the range last weekend, and your combat trigger job and barrel refit to my XDM 40 were simply outstanding! 

I took along a second XDM for comparison and the accuracy improved shooting off-hand with your customizations was at least 50% in grouping reductions, with considerably more repeated bullet through bullet hole shots than I've ever achieved before. 

Thank you very much for the splendid work. I've been traveling this week but will place another order and ship the second of my three XDMs to you for the same customizations within the next couple of days, followed thereafter by my third XDM. BTW, the pistol grip decals are also outstanding and I am ordering two more sets for my two other XDMs as well.  It was probably upper 80's and rather steamy at the indoor range and those decal grips made an enormous improvement in grip stability. I'll also log into the XDTalk forum in the next few days and post some more accolades for Powder River Precision.

Once again, thanks and best regards,"


 "Hello.  Just got off the phone with you and wanted to say how much I appreciated the good customer service on this project.  That's why I went with you instead of the other company and it turned out to be true.  I will have no problem recommending you to any of my customers or friends.

Have a good week.

  " You've got a great product, Dan, fairly priced and great support.  I've had a few other XD owners try it and they have a startled look on their face when they pull that trigger.  Then a "wow."
And a "wow" from me, too.

Thanks for the help!"

   "Daniel, I need some of your business cards. I had four people handle/shoot the 9mm, XDM yesterday with the usual "Wow, Wonderful, Best trigger I have ever felt, etc". I wish both you and your wife and wonderful children a Joyous Christmas."


    "You did a beautiful job, Daniel. I'll be proud to shoot this nice piece of your work."


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